About this website

In our urban lives its very easy for us to become increasingly insular in our perspectives. We’re missing out on so much if we do.

Its not a separate human world, what we’ve built and inhabit is not “ours” and outside of our urban spaces is “theirs” and never the twain shall meet. There isn’t “civilisation” and “wilderness”, where “nature” goes to live and doesn’t encroach on our “civilisation”.

There’s “Wilderness” and there’s almost wild.

All that separates most of us from “wilderness” is time and constant human effort. Look at how Shengshan Island or Chernobyl has been reclaimed, free of human maintenance. Wildness really is just outside your window. Given half a chance it’ll be inside too.

There isn’t “us” and “nature”. There’s only us. We’re not separate from nature, its right there in our lives because we’re not just in nature, we’re of nature.

If we could realise that nature is not some separate thing, that we live in it even in the most urban of places. If we could take the time to look at the wildness that is outside the window, to watch it, to put names to it, to realise that it is part of our world and we are part of theirs, then perhaps we may want to protect the environment because it is our environment, rather than exploit and destroy it.

Almost Wild Journal is about writing the day to day stories of wildness in just one urban location – mine. There’s ‘no moving to the country to be closer to nature’ going on here. There’s just exploring my immediate location and what is in walking distance of it. For me that means my back garden, my street, the streets I walk on between home and my local park, a small local woodland and the occasional visit to the nearest nature reserves. Its about the stories not just of “nature” and species but of specific animals, because when you really look at a local patch you begin to recognise and form relationships with individual creatures. That’s one of the greatest pleasures to me.

If we could recognise that we don’t just “live in” a place but are part of an environment and that environment is part of us, if we could see that to damage that environment is to damage ourselves, perhaps then we would be so motivated to protect it and so to protect ourselves. In the hope of encouraging other folks to discover their environment for themselves, almost wild journal was created. I hope you enjoy reading about and seeing my patch and that you’ll want to explore yours too.

About me

My name is McB and when I’m not discovering the wildness outside my window I get involved in all sorts of creative projects. You can find out more about me and what I’m up to on my website at mcb.space