Almost Wild Journal isn’t just a “virtual” journal that only exists as this blog – there really is a physical journal. Everything I post starts out here, written in pencil on paper. Writing and recording in a physical paper journal is still infinitely preferable, for me, to the digital and virtual.

I use handmade leather journals made by Earthworks Journals – I cannot recommend them enough. Samantha and Jason do incredible work and I hope I never have to use other journals. I’ve used well known mass manufactured journals in the past, but given that this particular journal (A6 plain classic leather journal) has 600 pages in it, it actually works out cheaper per page to buy hand made and get a unique item.

As always there are no grubby affiliate links here, I simply enjoy and appreciate how good Earthworks Journals are and use them every day. If you’re shopping for a beautiful item for your own journaling then Earthworks Journals is the place to shop.