Good things #1

Starting a series of occasional posts about good things you can get involved in, to help the wildlife in your little patch of wild.

There’s still time to take part in the Great British Bee Count, which runs to the end of this month. Its great for you and great for the bees, as without the firm data on bee numbers and locations very little tends to be changed in policies that can help (or at least stop hindering) bee welfare and numbers. This is nice and simple to get involved with, see a bee, record a bee, send in your findings and there’s even a free app to help you record right where you are. A nice, simple and free way to make a difference and its only for a few days. Go on, join the Great British Bee Count.

If the bee count gives you a taste for recording and you fancy doing a little more then Nature’s Calendar is the place for you! Run by The Woodland Trust this is a fantastic project to be involved in wherever you are. It gets you really looking at and engaging with your environment as you keep an eye out for those first signs of the seasons on your patch. Not only do you get to benefit from the increased awareness as you excitedly look for that first fly agaric toadstool of autumn or the first swifts of spring, but the recordings you make of these things contribute towards one of the most important projects in the whole of the UK. Go on, gives Nature’s Calendar a try, I promise you that you’ll benefit even more than nature does from this one.

Needless to say, both of these projects are completely free to take part in. They couldn’t be made of more WIN!

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And so it goes

Summer’s here and the time is right, for….starting a new blog.

It may seem strange to start a blog which is focused on wildlife in the summer – its a season in which a lot of wildlife disappears from view – but like the juvenile robin above that I spotted from my desk yesterday, I have a whole season to quietly get on with learning, before having to look much more competent in the autumn!

And so it goes, the almost wild journal begins and we’ll see what summer brings to my urban patch this year.

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