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One Windy Morning

The street trees are at their leafiest now. The wind stirs them, makes them dance to its commands. They flex, they creak, they roar and as they do they make their own music, the counterpoint melody to the wind, symbiotic layers of sound. The orchestra is in full flow.

Its still early, the morning rush has not yet fully begun. The occasional car rolls slowly past. Goldfinches chatter. Blackbird sings. Sparrows cheep. Woodpigeon coos. Crows call, getting louder as they fly past. Front doors get closed. Children shout and laugh. Yet beneath it all is the wind, the endlessly beautiful and magical sound of the wind through the leaves. Whispers shouted loudly, whispers that could tell us such secrets.

Its only the sound of one windy morning, captured by a microphone. Only that and so much more, because in these sounds are more tales than a thousand words or a thousand pictures could tell.

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Dancing in the street

Plenty to enjoy looking out of the window at from my desk this morning.

You know its quiet outside when the sparrows can happily feed in the street! The usual little flock of 6-8 birds has been busy all morning. Apparently the collective noun for sparrows is a quarrel of sparrows, but they’ve been far too mellow for that this morning.

Not feeling quite so mellow was squirrel, who looked on high alert before disappearing into a hedge. Perhaps that’s because he knew that…

…crow was about, the same crow who has been desperately chasing squirrel for a tasty meal for days. So far squirrel is winning, but crow only needs to win once.

Meanwhile, blackbird don’t want none of your drama – because they’ve been generating plenty themselves, rival males with overlapping territories have been chasing each other up and down the verges. Once they were finally done the starling fledglings who have moved into the street were able to emerge and get down to feeding on the verges.

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